18 simple ways to cultivate calm (AKA how not to lose your sanity and health)

I am not sure about you, but from where I sit (when I get a chance) - life looks mighty busy. I often work long hours on
multiple things (clearly not this blog though, ahem) and have a full life with kid things and work things and adventure
things and just lots of things. My default answer when anyone asks how I am is - 'busy'. Generally they are all good
things - fantastic things - and I am extremely grateful for the life I have created, but when you throw a few extra things
in the mix, like a physical injury (tick) and an intensely difficult divorce settlement (tick) suddenly you have a big pile 'o
stress on your hands. And so having just been through a very stressful period of my life, I am here to tell you - stress is
not your friend, sister.

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